This website provides information for residents of Lane County, Oregon:

* Spay / Neuter Resources

* Trap Neuter Return Resources

* Feral Cat Resources & Information

Colony caregivers can log in to the database to track their colonies.

We believe that Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the most humane and effective method available to end the feral and homeless cat overpopulation crisis in our community.

We encourage everybody to act responsibly with your own pets and join together as a community to share in the responsibility of caring for feral cats in our community.  This includes assisting in spay & neuter efforts, feeding responsibly, and providing medical care when necessary.

You Can Help by donating needed supplies including Revolution, Frontline or Advantage flea treatment, suture material, surgical drapes, and cans or bags of cat food.  Please drop these donations off at Greenhill Humane Society and mention that they are for the TNR program.  People interested in caring for feral colonies or assisting others in the trapping and care of feral cats are encouraged to come to the monthly training classes.